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I’ve designed hundreds of them, animated and static,
of all shapes and sizes, and in compliance with Google’s requirements and/or Facebook’s guidelines.

For accessibility matters, I’ve converted my banners into mp4 videos. Please click on them to see the animations. Enjoy!


If you’re experiencing difficulties making the banners play, please go on INCOGNITO mode by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+N or CMD+SHIFT+N (on Macs) and retyping the page’s URL: http://judykdesign.net/banners/ Thank you!

Ad-Assistant is a revolutionary SAAS app for small businesses which builds a whole marketing campaign in Google Adwords in just a few clicks.


Rock&Glam is an Israeli online clothing store.


Algoways is an online trading company which developed algorithms that minimize financial risks through artificial intelligence.


Multioffer is an online Optic.

Buy Optic

BuyOptic is an online Optic.

Hair Removal Offers

Online site that provides price comparison of hair removal companies.

Hello Binary

Hello Binary is an online Binary Options trading platform.

Option Rama

Option Rama is an online Binary Options trading platform.