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CITYapp’s One Pager


Jac & Liz contacted me a couple of months ago.

CITYapp’s website needed a thorough re-make, and they wanted me for the job…


Before starting, we needed to ask ourselves a few questions:

Q: Who was our One Pager for?

A: All Raanana’s English speaking inhabitants with the basic knowledge of navigating on the Internet and downloading an app; ie: People within the range of 10 to 70 years old (average), from freelancers and store owners looking to expand their business, to employers and employees, or even unemployed. From standard families to big companies looking for a product or a service within the area of Raanana. And for anyone else wanting to know what CITYapp Raanana is for.

Q: What was the main purpose of the One Pager?

A: To make the app known and reachable for downloading.

Q: What will this One Pager provide?

A: For the user, the One Pager will provide the user a friendly platform where to reach the app from, with a clean layout, easy to follow, no menus. It’ll have pictures of personas who reflect our potential users, maybe a video background to approach the users with emotions… It will explain what the app is for and encourage users to download.


For Raanana’s stores, businesses and inhabitants, it will provide a platform where to advertise themselves, where to get valuable local information always available and updated, and where to find everything they are looking for in their city.


For the app owners, it’d provide more potential users, who would eventually justify the investments and encourage more stores and professionals to advertise in the app, transforming it into a profitable business.


I explained to them what a one pager was,
and why I thought it’d be better to have one instead.

So I quickly jotted down a mock-up to show them my ideas.

This actually helped me a lot to quote them more accurately as well, and helped them understand the proposed flow and hierarchy, as well as to provide me with the accurate content.


I used WIX.com platform to build the One Pager.

{ I generally use friendly platforms where my clients can feel totally independent from me or from any developer, to make all necessary changes every time it’s needed }


The Visual Design contains parallax effects, animations, sliders, video background, back links, and more…