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Pet Shop Manager


DATE Jul 2017

Pet Shop Manager

DATE Jul 2017


New client, new challenge! I’ve been remotely hired by a known chain of pet shops in Australia at the end of last month, to design their internal shop management system. This is an ongoing project right now, so I’ll be updating it on a daily basis. Stay tuned!
(The information presented here will be limited to the company’s privacy policy)

About The System


  1. The system will be used by the pet shop owners, managers and general employees. The new UI will replace the existing one, which has been created in the early 2000…
  2. The system will be used in more than 250 pet shops the chain owns throughout the country, and might be considered as a shelf product in the future.
  3. The new UI is being crafted to cover all the shop’s technical needs, from receiving and identifying incoming customers’ calls, acquiring new customers, the whole sale process including pitch hints for the employees to make their sale flowing and successful, delivery logistics including Google maps and peer-deliveries alerts, a modern payment interface, follow-up on clients’ purchases and smart reminders, stock and providers management, deals of the week alerts, stats and reports, and more.
  4. The system will provide real-time alerts on: stocks and delivery status, pets’ birthdays, expiration of customers’ packages and deals, “out-of-food” reminders for clients, etc.

Working Environment

The working environment varies from hour to hour. There are times of the day when things are pretty quiet’ like mornings, and evenings after 6 pm. But in between those hours it can get rather hectic and noisy, telephone ringing, employees speaking, feeding and cleaning cages, people coming and going, children petting the animals, suppliers, delivery guys…

It can get noisy and distracting for the employees, and there’s not much room for getting creative and develop better selling techniques.

That’s the reason why this app should be very easy to manage, very clean and clear, and should provide the employees with on-the-spot tools to help them concentrate and achieve better selling results.

Wireframe Flow

( These are only a few wireframes relevant to one of the system’s cycles.
I’ll be updating more cycles on the go… )

A Few Visuals for the moment…

Thanks for watching!

See you on my next project…