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CP&R – Logo & Stationary Design

Craig is an independent plumber that does also renovations, and has recently asked me to design his logo, business card in English and Hebrew, a magnet, an advertisement sticker for his car windows, and an outdoor huge sign to put up above the fence of his house. This is what he gave me to start from……



I asked him a few questions about colors or a specific style that makes him feel comfortable with. He showed me a picture of an existing business card from Google Images that he really liked. Perfect! That was the trigger I just needed to get started.

I designed a few ideas for the image of his logo, taking into consideration two main colors: black and light blue. I wanted to make something smart, clean, simple and with a strong message.

These are a couple of them:









I presented them to Craig, who immediately pointed at my third candidate: a drop of water connecting with the logo in an imaginary hug (option nb. 4 from the above). I combined and contrasted the black background with the white letters and a few touches in light-blue color.

The cards and magnets came out beautiful from the Print. Car window stickers were stuck to the windows, and the huge outdoor sign will be put up soon…(I’m sure!).