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Exotic Series

  • Exotic Coconut- Print Portfolio
  • Exotic Grapes- Print Portfolio
  • Exotic Honey- Print Portfolio
  • Exotic Kiwi- Print Portfolio
  • Exotic Papaya- Print Portfolio
  • Exotic Citrics - Print Portfolio

Exotic was actually my very first project at Odeyah Industries in Jerusalem. It was for me a huge challenge back then, after not having touched graphics for years.

So this is the story: There was ready-made body lotion and shower gel back in the factory. In the warehouse, they had an old stock of white little plastic bottles. And myself? Well… I needed to make a first impression.

I had the name of the fragrances. I had an idea. Shutterstock was the only photo stock site that I knew back then in 2008. Once I got the pictures I wanted, I started designing… Above you’ll see the different labels for the bottles, front and back.

I must say that I made a great impression… back then.