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Honey Series - Print Portfolio

Honey All-Purpose Cream and Honey Hair Mask products were designed along with the Olive series, for the international market and to be sold at specific stores at the Dead Sea in Israel, where lots of tourists empty their wallets, among them a considerable amount of Russians living in Israel.

On a long rectangular label I had to manage to give life, color, and uniqueness to the product, so it could stand out on the shelves among tens of other similar ones.

We chose a white and cylindric plastic pot with a silver line around it, in order to give the product a bit of extravagancy. The label was printed out on metallic paper, tinted with yellow to give the desired golden effect, letting its borders match exactly with the golden line of the pot. The differences between the All-Purpose Cream and the Hair Mask labels were very subtle but still existent.

The colors used recall the sweetness of the honey, letting the heavy texts hide away to the sides and to the back of the pot.