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Liquid Soap Series

Liquid Soap Series - Print Portfolio

Mineraline Liquid Soap presented a new challenge for me: to design a label that would let the customer see from a distance what the fragrance was. It was decided to use tall, milky-transparent plastic bottles that would sort of show the color of each fragrance through.

I designed a transparent label which, once stuck on to the bottle, would make a funny reaction: that part of the bottle that was covered by the transparent label, would actually become transparent and would not keep its milkyness. Fantastic! The labels were printed. Now we needed to match and contrast the color of the product with the elements on the label. Together with one of the Chemist’s assistants at the factory, we tried a few times each color to make sure they would still let the elements of the labels show and stand out.

Although it didn’t come out 100% as I wanted, at least they look good on the shelf.