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  • Samanage banner

    This company approached Algomizer to manage their Google Display campaign through us, and to create their banners.

  • HelloBinary banners

    Binary Options is a very competitive category and each company wants to make their campaigns as exclusive as possible, with unique graphics and high impact designs. At Algomizer we're good at that too! I suggested the above graphics regarding these conditions. The next challenge was to make the banners in many different languages, adapting the shapes and areas accordingly.

  • Rock&Glam banners

    Rock&Glam is managing their Google campaigns at Algomizer and as part of the deal, they wanted us to make them banners for ther Google Display campaign. I took existing pictures from their website, as well as other graphics, and created animated banners for that purpose.

  • Hair Removal

    New to Algomizer, this client went for a Google Display campaign on Hair Removal quotes. He already had some graphics made for him, from which I had to take relevant elements and transform them into living banners.

  • Algomizer banners

    One of my first challenges in Algomizer: to design our own banners for Algomizer's Google Display campaign. We needed to make our brand interesting and full of surprises. We came up with strong phrases, facts about our company and what it does. We wanted to cause curosity and interest on the net. So our first banners were built to "make noise" about us mainly.

  • BuyOptic – banners

    BuyOptic released a Google display campaign for contact lenses and I was in charge of designing the banners on behalf of Algomizer's Creative Studio. I looked for a sexy look, contrast and simplicity.

  • MultiOffer – lenses

    Working for Algomizer I had the challenge of designing banners for MultiOffer based on existing graphics. And although texts and pictures, and even colors and moods were already given, I find it still challenging and fun to try to make your own graphics with your personal input on top of and besides someone else's handwork.

  • Promodity – banners

    Promodity is online marketing technology. It was bought by Algomizer in 2014 and represents today one of the core products of the company. My task was to re-design Promodity's original website and make it into a WordPress theme, in order to make it more modern and attractive, though keeping pretty much all of the elements it originally had, its colors, media and content. Next were the banners for the campaign in Google Display, which I planned and designed in Photoshop and then assembled in Bannersnack.

  • Algoways – v2 – banners

    Algoways is a Technological Trading company specialized in automatic investing through robots that "do the hard work for you". That was the message to pass on to the masses. These banners are based on the second version of Algoways' landing page, which uses a "sexy" robot girl to illustrate modernism and advantage. The landing page is very bright, light colored, clean and straight to the point (like Israelies are).