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Business Cards

  • CP&R – Logo & Stationary Design

    Craig is an independent plumber that does also renovations, and has recently asked me to design his logo, business card in English and Hebrew, a magnet, an advertisement sticker for his car windows, and an outdoor huge sign to put up above the fence of his house. I asked him a few questions about colors or a specific style that makes him feel comfortable with. He showed me a picture of an existing business card from Google Images that he really liked. Perfect! That was the trigger I just needed to get started. I designed a few ideas for the image of his logo, taking into consideration two main colors: black and light blue. I wanted to make something smart, clean, simple and with a strong message. I presented them to Craig, who immediately pointed at my third candidate: a drop of water connecting with the logo in an imaginary hug. I combined and contrasted the black background with the white letters and a few touches in light-blue color.

  • Cynthia Blum – Logo & Bs Card Design

    Cynthia is a great friend of mine. On her first steps into being an independent tax consultant and bookkeeper, she asked me to make her a logo for her developing business as well as a business card. I came across a few different ideas that we eventually fine-tuned until she was happy with her logo. Then, we proceeded to her business card. I wanted to make a fresh, young but still reliable business card. I wanted to use colors, because she's a very colorful person (like me!). But yet, I wanted it to look professional enough to give confidence to her new clients. In the slide above I'll show you a few random ideas for her logo, and of course, the final one, along with the final business card, front and back. Enjoy!

  • Business Card 01

    Shlomi Solomon runs the R&D and production of a variety of hair care products including 100% Formaldehyde FREE Protein hair straightening. Shlomi is a Chief Chemist. His passion for Chemistry and Cosmetics needed to be shown in his first business card. My design was originally minimalistic, clean design. However, Shlomi liked a bit more input in his card, a few extra details, that were added before sending to Print.