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  • CP&R – Logo & Stationary Design

    Craig is an independent plumber that does also renovations, and has recently asked me to design his logo, business card in English and Hebrew, a magnet, an advertisement sticker for his car windows, and an outdoor huge sign to put up above the fence of his house. I asked him a few questions about colors or a specific style that makes him feel comfortable with. He showed me a picture of an existing business card from Google Images that he really liked. Perfect! That was the trigger I just needed to get started. I designed a few ideas for the image of his logo, taking into consideration two main colors: black and light blue. I wanted to make something smart, clean, simple and with a strong message. I presented them to Craig, who immediately pointed at my third candidate: a drop of water connecting with the logo in an imaginary hug. I combined and contrasted the black background with the white letters and a few touches in light-blue color.

  • Cynthia Blum – Logo & Bs Card Design

    Cynthia is a great friend of mine. On her first steps into being an independent tax consultant and bookkeeper, she asked me to make her a logo for her developing business as well as a business card. I came across a few different ideas that we eventually fine-tuned until she was happy with her logo. Then, we proceeded to her business card. I wanted to make a fresh, young but still reliable business card. I wanted to use colors, because she's a very colorful person (like me!). But yet, I wanted it to look professional enough to give confidence to her new clients. In the slide above I'll show you a few random ideas for her logo, and of course, the final one, along with the final business card, front and back. Enjoy!

  • Business Card 01

    Shlomi Solomon runs the R&D and production of a variety of hair care products including 100% Formaldehyde FREE Protein hair straightening. Shlomi is a Chief Chemist. His passion for Chemistry and Cosmetics needed to be shown in his first business card. My design was originally minimalistic, clean design. However, Shlomi liked a bit more input in his card, a few extra details, that were added before sending to Print.

  • Tubes

    Throughout my work at Odeyah (4 years) I had to design many different graphics for plastic tubes. The above are just a few examples.

  • M&Y

    M&Y was another project for Odeyah's clients. They came up with the brand, I needed to refine their logo and design the boxes for their cosmetic jars. They knew exactly what they wanted so my freedom to design was limited to their requirements. It was ok. In any case, they didn't take the project on further...

  • Opal

    Opal was a project for one of Odeyah's clients. They came to me with this brand name and asked me to make the graphics. It had to be extravagant yet simple enough to be considered 'classic'. The box shows an Opal stone on the top of it, braking the monotony of the golden lines around it. The graphics were warmly accepted.

  • Original’s Series

    Original's was a white label, a whole series created for one of Odeyah's regular customers, intended to be sold exclusively at the stores at the Dead Sea. I came up with this name, 'Original's', and chose to make it my way... against all ods, they let me! There were many different creams and hair masks with different fragrances and components. I decided to go myself to the plastic factory and choose the colors and lids one by one. This cosmetic series of jars was very successful on the shelves and it's still selling at the Dead Sea stores.

  • Exotic Series

    Exotic was actually my very first project at Odeyah Industries in Jerusalem. It was for me a huge challenge back then, after not having touched graphics for years. So this is the story: There was ready-made body lotion and shower gel back in the factory. In the warehouse, they had an old stock of white little plastic bottles. And myself? Well... I needed to make a first impression. I had the name of the fragrances. I had an idea. Shutterstock was the only photo stock site that I knew back then in 2008. Once I got the pictures I wanted, I started designing... Above you'll see the different labels for the bottles, front and back. I must say that I made a great impression... back then.

  • Nails Treatment Series

    Working for Odeyah Industries I had 9 nail products that needed a "Mineraline" look, as much as I already hated it. Although I can't look at this design now-a-days 'cause it breaks my eyes, it is still a colorful series to consider. The task was to design the label and the box for these 9 items which, legally, had to comply with many rules regarding the texts that they must show. It was rather challenging to guarantee that marketing texts, ingredients, content, warnings, and icons would fit in such a tiny little label, and I haven't still placed the picture and logo! I still got it all there but I must say that today, if I had the chance to, I would start from scratch with a whole new concept in my mind.

  • Massage Oil Series

    Mineraline Massage Oil series followed the Liquid Soap one. It was decided to use tall, milky-transparent plastic bottles to show the massage oil through but, this time, the actual oil was not going to be tinted in colors rather it would remain transparent. I designed a transparent label which, once stuck on to the bottle, would make a funny reaction: that part of the milky bottle that was covered by the transparent label, would actually become transparent and would not keep its milkyness. They came out pretty well...

  • Liquid Soap Series

    Mineraline Liquid Soap presented a new challenge for me: to design a label that would let the customer see from a distance what the fragrance was. It was decided to use tall, milky-transparent plastic bottles that would sort of show the color of each fragrance through. I designed a transparent label which, once stuck on to the bottle , would make a funny reaction: that part of the bottle that was covered by the transparent label, would actually become transparent and would not keep its milkyness. Fantastic! The labels were printed. Now we needed to match and contrast the color of the product with the elements on the label. Together with one of the Chemist's assistants at the factory, we tried a few times each color to make sure they would still let the elements of the labels show and stand out. Although it didn't come out 100% as I wanted, at least they look good on the shelf.

  • Shea Souffle

    Shea Souffle is a series of four body souffle creams, each one with a different fragrance. Thus, each one of them needed a seperate distinction. But this time I decided that the label had to be simple, and that the product should talk for itself. The squareness of the plastic pot, and the lid and the label matching colors, made a great sucess on the shelves!

  • Honey

    Honey All-Purpose Cream and Honey Hair Mask products were designed along with the Olive series, for the international market and to be sold at specific stores at the Dead Sea in Israel, where lots of tourists empty their wallets, among them a considerable amount of Russians living in Israel.

  • Olive

    Olive All-Purpose Cream and Olive Hair Mask products were designed for the international market. On a long rectangular label I had to manage to give life, color, and uniqueness to a well known and burnt-some concept of a cream based on olive extract.

  • Granada

    Working for Odeyah Industries in Jerusalem, one of my first challenges was to create a colorful label for this all-purpose body cream based on pommegranate seeds. It had to be unique and eye-catching, and it had to have the picture of a woman in it. So, combining these requests and some graphics, I came up with a self-explanatory label showing a unique product that stands out on any shelf at the stores. The label was printed out on metallic sticky paper at a specific curvature, in order to avoid air bubbles and wrinkles when sticking it to a cylindric cosmetic container.