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Website & Landing Pages

DATE 2020

Alvexo New Branding

For Alvexo’s re-branding project we brainstormed a lot in the Studio, to come up with a great solution that would make Alvexo stand out from the crowd.

It took quite a few guesses to come up it. The final consensus was to utilize the “a” of Alvexo’s logo as a flat icon – and it’d stay that way all across the different platforms and visuals. To it, we would ad each time a “hero” or “character”, that would be realistic (tridimensional) depending on the topic to be displayed.

In addition, the particular tone of blue would work as a recognisable background for Alvexo’s site and landing pages, and would serve later on as the accent color as well as for icons and links.

We also took the opportunity to clean up Alvexo Color Palette a bit, choosing very specific colors in their right tones, to follow us through all Alvexo journeys.

Applying the New Branding to Internal Pages

The Brand Takes Over

Branding, Most of All

Alvexo new form was then applied to every channel possible, including landing pages, social media, mailers and newsletters.

I hereby present a few of the mailers I got to create, all based on specific briefs and depending on the occasion and context.

A Few Landing Pages

Here are a few examples of Alvexo landing pages I had to design using the new branding concept, which brings a combination of flat, simple design, with realistic elements interlacing with it.

All primary specs brief were usually sent to me in an Excel table. Texts and general ideas are presented in a PPTX file, created by the Content Department.

Click on each of the thumbnails below to see a good close-up of the projects.

Thanks for watching!

See you on my next project…