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Blog Design


Blog Design


DATE 2019

A blog in Arabic

Thriving to achieve more leads, the company started a new journey in blogging, targeting the Arabic speaking countries.

The Style

A Clean Design

I got the brief. I checked out competitors in the field, and understood that this blog had to be different design wise.

So I decided to go for a clean-cut design, elegant, and even somewhat minimalist. Whereas I’d use only black, white and one other color for highlights. After a bit of research, I decided to go with turquoise as the chosen color, based on the Arab culture and beliefs.

I gave then a significant size contrast between titles and texts, using bold letters to emphasize certain parts, and used rather sophisticated images to deliver concepts, using gold and silver as prominent colors which are loyal eye-catchers, especially in the Arab culture.

A Side Column

Side columns are good when you want to catch the interest of your readers with other posts on your blog that may be related, in one way or another, to the one they are currently reading.

They also serve as a way to impress your readers with the quantity / quality and variety of posts already written by you. So I used this side column for this purpose, as a way to engage the readers and give them a feeling of trust.

Grid & Layout

It was very important for me to stick to a clear grid and a clean layout, respecting the margins, paddings and line heights all along the digital document.

Nonetheless, breaking this grid with little tweaks where small elements dare to fall out of it, brings to the reader some pleasant amusement to the eye, like in the case of the quotes, on the left column.

Decorative elements must be flat, simple and clean, and be consistent along the page. Choosing images that bring the same color code into the page was part of my strategy as well.

Mobile View

The mobile view is a simple responsive adaptation of the desktop, and vice versa, where keeping the layout and structure of the page was critical in order to create brand awareness.

Thanks for watching!

See you in my next project…