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SuperSave App – My Own App






When I decided to take a UI / UX course at Mentor, Haifa, in order to summarize, connect, and strengthen my knowledge on web & app design, I actually realized that app design was literally my passion.

Towards the final project of that course, we all had to choose among different project options and, one of them, was to design (or re-design) an app for mobile devices from scratch. And that was obviously the one I chose.



Have you ever walked into a supermarket and wondered if the products you’re about to buy aren’t on sale somewhere else?

Have you ever found yourself going from supermarket to supermarket trying to get the best deals out of each?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if, the minute you’re about to purchase
a product at the supermarket, the good fairy whispered in your ear about the deals you’re about to miss from the other supermarket on that specific product?

Well, to be honest, I’m always wondering whether I could have got a better deal somewhere else.


The first step was to audit/review competing websites and apps.

To be honest, at least back in 2013, I couldn’t find any website or app similar to mine. Of course there were “shopping list” apps, or online grocery orders, but that was not the main or only purpose of my app.

However, we did some online research + common sense + observed our neighbors receiving groceries orders by delivery, and we asked friends and peers. Then we knew that people using a digital option (mainly ordering online) in order to do their groceries, were usually people in the range of 23 to 60 years old, of middle socioeconomic level and up, either working or households.

But I knew there was something lacking in the market, and that was the possibility of comparing prices on the spot while shopping, while receiving tempting coupons and discounts, or even just a lower price suggestion on a product from other grocery stores or supermarkets, in real time.


The idea of SUPERSAVE app was to help you save money and get the best deals, by popping up relevant deals and offers to your list of groceries previously tapped in your mobile. It’d also have a feature to let you scan a product and check in real time throughout the various supermarkets or stores you choose from, whether that product has a better price somewhere else.

In fact, if it happened to be so, then you may choose to save that deal for later, so when you hit that store, you can purchase the product there.


  • 1 SUPERSAVE will connect to your online social life (Facebook, Instagram) to learn about the products you like and consume.
  • 2 The app will be NATIVE, and will be automatically turned on the minute you enter a supermarket that belongs to the system (Supermarkets will have sensors at the entrance, exit, and tills, that recognize your registered IP). Once identified, your phone will buzz and a special ring tone will be heard; then you’ll know the app is on for you. This automatic feature may be turned off from the settings.
  • 3 The app will greet you with the name of the store you’ve just walked into, and will greet you good by with a thank you message from the store management, when you walk through the exit. This will make it more personal and friendly, and it’s always more engaging when you stop being “John Doe” and they call you by your name.
  • 4 Once in the supermarket, the app will automatically suggest to bring up the store’s shopping list you made at home (if you have one), and it will start offering sales, hot deals and coupons from the store you are in, and from other competitors, based on the items in your list and the brands you’ve purchased in the past. If you haven’t purchased that product yet,it will show you a screen with the 4 best deals among your stored stores, and will let you choose whether you want to purchase that item in a different store later, saving the deal in a separate shopping list under the other store’s name.
  • 5 Scanning an item: The app lets you search for a specific item in the store, to make sure its in stock. Right after, it’ll show you the competitors’ deals on the item. Another way to check the competitors’ prices is by scanning the item: the app will recognize the product by scanning its bar-code (which means the store’s database must be synced with the app’s one, in real time.) A third way of bringing up a product to the screen is by voice-recording the name of the product.
  • 6 SUPERSAVE is a social app. It learns from your online navigation and behavior. But it also lets you share about the offer or coupon to whoever you want, within your contact list, by SMS, Whatsapp, gmail, Instagram… you name it! Whatever you’re a member of or connected to, will be among the sharing possibilities.
  • 7 Of course, shopping lists can be edited and/or removed, you can add infinite stores to your favorites, and again, once you leave the store, the app will greet you and close automatically, although you can always close it before.


So assuming there were many other people like me out there,
trying to get the most out of their grocery experience, and together with my project-mate, we concluded our personas should look like this:


Meet Debbie. She’s a young mom, and together with her husband, are trying to save some money for the sake of the new family. Debbie doesn’t work at the moment, but she will as soon as the baby grows up a bit.

Debbie takes herself and the baby grocery-shopping twice a week. Since they’re trying to save, and she has the time and patience to check and compare, she’s always seizing the opportunities the store is willing to offer on its products. But never has enough time to compare throughout the different grocery stores (the baby is always there to remind her so).

Debbie carries a Samsung Galaxy J7 and manages well with apps in general.


Meet Joanne. She’s a single mom (of 2) in her early 40’s. Joanne works full time out of the city and has almost no time to do the groceries peacefully and wisely, so she just grabs from the supermarket whatever makes her kids happy and their bellies full, and rushes back to the house.

Joanne lives on the bank’s red line, and wishes she’d administrate her money more wisely. She knows she just buys whatever is there on the shelf ’cause she doesn’t have time to research other stores for better deals. So her friends are the ones telling her about the various deals here or there, every now and then.

Joanne is not so computer savvy, but she still uses her phone as her best diary, reminder, and friend.


Meet David. He’s just retired from 30 years of hard work. He’s computer savvy, and likes outsmarting the market.

David lives with his wife. His kids are already married and left the house a few years ago. While his wife is still working, David does the household, specifically the groceries and cooking. He enjoys of his spare time and a good lifestyle. However, he hates being duped. So he spends quite a few hours a week visiting different supermarkets and grocery stores in order to get the best deals of the week, and keep the change.


We’ve got a project to do…

Within the markup of this project we were not asked to user-test the app, or to code a mock-up for review.

However, wire-framing by hand, and digital visual screens,
were a must for the final presentation. Here is an overview of a few screens:


Choosing among stored stores

Store’s created list

Want to scan a product?

Waiting a few secs while the system searches the net for price-comparing

Eureka! After 3-5 secs, the system found the 4 best prices among your favorite stores, for that product

Added a product to another store’s list? Share it!

…and this is the way you share it


{ Please use a minimum of 768px res device, for best output }

Thanks for watching!

See you on my next project…